Monday, October 25, 2004

Sleepy Crisis

Before I went into holidays it was a tough time. Man because of all that work I didn't even get to updating this blog. I did get to do lots of troubleshooting though, via phone or email which is actually I think an astonishing feat if you think of all the telediagnostic skills involved here.

Anyway if I want this blog to be a coffin nail to the company, and failing that, this department, and failing that at least my incompetent superiors, I will have to put in juicy bits of incompetence revealed from time to time. So here we go.

Last week I went on holiday. To make sure my cases got carried on I talked to the supervisors. I especially put in an extra half an hour after 4 o' clock to wrap them all up nicely so they could be kept going. Our policy is that if we cannot solve a problem we keep in touch with the customer, which means sending him an email every working day. Well guess what I found this morning - none of my cases got worked on, but there were lots of angry, angry emails from neglected customers in my inbox.


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