Wednesday, September 22, 2004

We Have Really Strict Rules So We Can Ignore Them

Went outside for a smoke this afternoon with a Tech2 who's been here for a couple years. I told him I'd seen another job on the web and considered applying. This would be a nice job with 20K per year starting salary (this job yields just under 14), but definitely more demanding.
"Well" I mused, "if I had this job it would be project-type work and it would be on my mind after work, too, taking up my mental capacity. This job on the other hand takes up next to no mental capacity. "
"And you only really work for 4 hours a day" said the Tech2 guy, "the rest of the time you do... other stuff... isn't it so?"
I'm afraid it is. I will hit Send now because it's already after five and I don't wanna blog in my freetime, you see?


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