Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pushing it

Today I couldn't be arsed to get up. Smoking weed in the evening always does that to me, I think it somehow fucks up my REM phases. 7 hours of sleep without being intoxicated previously are much more refreshing anyway.
The second thing weed does to me it that it makes me feel much more free. Of the obligation to force yourself to get up and go to work, for example. Since I remembered my supervisor isn't in today that is just what I did. I had a nice lie-in, then just a wee hit before I started on my 45-minute bus journey.
When I turned up at my desk it was past 11, and John, the stand-in for the supervisor, said matter-of-factly: "Oh, I thought you weren't in today."
Damn. So I could've also gotten away with just not showing up at all.
Actually, since I'm not yet answering phonecalls, only e-mails, they don't log my times ... as soon as I will be required to use a phone they want me to log in (and out when I go to the toilet, on breaks, etc), and then it's 1984 proper.


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