Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fight Club

Just five minutes ago I wanted something from Incompetent Supervisor number 2. He's around 30, with grey short-cropped hair, a bit fat, and completely full of his own importance. He's the type that will butt into your nice and civilized conversations with other team members and spoil them by just going off on a tangent on a completely unrelated topic, probably about some piece of technology that he owns.

I used to hate him dearly because of his pretentious ways, also because he never thought it would be civil to introduce himself to me (I'm supposed to be working with this guy) and also because since he hadn't introduced himself he chose to ignore me.

Then one day I was surfing the agent folders on the net drive and in the folder of my colleague A. I found this photo of Wanky Supervisor. It was the photo that is taken from everyone at the beginning of their employment with SUCKS for the doggie-badge (security badge), and looking at these freezed time-frames from the past that everyone carries around their neck can be quite fascinating.
In the case of supervisor cum wanker I was looking at the photo of an almost completely different person. He is much younger, a slim twenty something, almost laughing into the camera, looking eager, smiling without the cynical smirk that defines him now, defiant, innocent. It's easy to imagine his breezy coolness, which now just comes across as jaded, being real back in the day.
When seeing this photo I pretty much stopped hating and started pitying him. And what the hell does it do in A's folder??

My pity is well tested day by day though. Today superwankor was chatting and playing very cool with some other wanker from technical services. I needed some information off him, so I positioned myself in front of them and said "excuse me..."
They just finished their banter with me standing there and both went off in separate directions, and I had to walk after superwankor and say his name (loudly) before he actually turned around and looked kind of annoyed that I was so persistant.

While he gave me the information, I asked him about the thirty outlook reminder message boxes that you see every day on his screen. He said, "oh yeah, I'm having a busy time..."
I thought the reminders business on his screen had been a joke, honestly.
Wouldn't just having a to do list with dates and real priorities help him keep a clear overview much better? Oh well, I doubt this guy wants to be clear...

Haven't smoked grass today or for that matter yesterday. Maybe next week.
If grass makes me too mellow (and thus taking more shit than I should), the lack of grass makes me energetic, devil-may-care, even aggressive. I get fantasies of hitting people.
I can only imagine it as a most delightful feeling - just take one of these people who pass you by every day, simply ignoring you, denying you existance - and then making them feel your existance in the most painful way imaginable. Since it would come as a surprise you could have them on the floor, kicking their ribs in, before they even know it. That'll get you fired but might not land you in prison, even though you'd probably have a conviction after...

Right time for some more moronic questions and some quality music on the iPod.
I'm still not "online" i.e. answering phonecalls, so I can shut my ears. For now.


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